Ayisha's Mission

 Dear Friends and Family,  
Hi! I hope that you all are doing well! As you may already know, I am gearing up to graduate from Brown University in a few short months, and therefore making preparations for life post-college. I am excited to announce that I have committed to a year of serving as an urban missionary for the city of Providence, under a huge initiative called Citylove launched this year by Renaissance Church Providence.  
Citylove is an initiative launched out of the deep desire to reach the loved and lost outside of the church walls. As Christians in Providence, a burden has been placed on our hearts to use the creative arts to share the truths of love in the Gospel. As one of eight urban missionaries, I will spend 12 months doing local missions work that entails partnering with local non-profits and organizations to serve the city. We will also be working on the formation of artistic projects and events that will help display God and make his heart for the people of this city known and felt! Our year will also incorporate aspects of spiritual formation through communal living, mentorship, daily devotional, as well as book readings and writing assignments.  
I am super excited for this opportunity to increase the ways in which I am knowing God and making Him known! I anticipate this being an extraordinary year of crazy growth through seeking my heavenly Father through His beloved children of this city. I ask that you join me in this adventure through keeping me in constant and fervent prayer. I want to also ask that you consider joining me on this journey through helping to provide financial support throughout the year. I am dedicated to raising $990 a month to cover some of my yearly living expenses by my start date of June 1st. If you feel led to help support at any capacity, I encourage you to visit the Renaissance Church Giving Webpage and set up a one-time or monthly donation towards my name. All donations made will be tax deductible. I also encourage you to visit our Citylove Website for much more amazing information about the program, and reach out to me to learn more! I would love to keep you updated on what God will be doing through this program as much as possible, and will commit to following up with more information and updates regularly. I am excited to hear from you!  
Best,  Ayisha Jackson
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