About BWCT


To seek to inspire, empower and strengthen women and teens who

are suffering physically, mentally and emotionally through the power of the

Holy Spirit.       


To provide a safe haven for battered women and challenged teens.


1. To present the gospel of Jesus Christ

    as the answer to these individuals.

2. To commit to pray for them

    through whatever they are

    going through.

3. To provide and make available

    opportunities for inner healing

    through the word of God, prayer

    and Christian counseling. 


We believe in the divine power of Christ

to heal the broken hearted and give them hope of a better life and eternal life.

  • We value inclusiveness, striving to maintain diversity of age, race, sexual orientation, religion, differently-abled, sex, and national origin.

  • We value integrity, trust and ethics within our service delivery.

  • We value the philosophy of empowerment.

  • We believe in providing a safe, healing environment, which includes physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional components, as well as ongoing supportive services.

  • We believe that early intervention with children will maximize the potential of breaking the intergenerational cycle of abuse.

BWCT was founded by Shondel Andrea Jackson after she was given a burden from the Lord for women and teens who are lost, broken and hurting. Shondel is a registered nurse who works in management. She is also a professor of nursing, an author and most importantly a born again christian who loves the Lord. She currently resides in Springfield Gardens with her adult daughter Ayisha Natasha Jackson. 

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